If big corporations, big media, and big government politicians are all going to cheat with both hands to keep you from having a Libertarian candidate on your ballot or in your debates, that’s a pretty clear signal that the Libertarian candidate is far and away better and they’re afraid you’ll realize it.

Like the failed anti-drug campaigns of the ’80s, if someone spends that much time and money telling you how awful something is, it makes you want to try it. And like smoking weed, voting Libertarian won’t hurt you and will probably make you a little happier to boot.

7. Voting Libertarian helps your favorite libertarian-leaning old party politician

Justin Amash. Ron Wyden. Thomas Massie. Rand Paul. These are some of the old party politicians that people like to tell me are “libertarian-leaning” and should be supported instead of actual Libertarian candidates. Let’s assume for a minute that these are good politicians that a libertarian would want to support.

Unless you live in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District or Kentucky’s 4th, there’s not a single person in that list that you can vote for this year, since neither Wyden or Paul are up for election in 2014. But what you can do is vote for every Libertarian Party candidate on your ballot and it’ll help all four of those gentlemen.

When a “libertarian-leaning” candidate gets elected in one of the old parties, they are under constant pressure from their party leadership to fall in line. They don’t get good committee assignments. They don’t get leadership support for re-election. They get primary challengers backed by the establishment coalition between big government and big business.

By increasing Libertarian Party vote totals, you send a clear message to the leadership of the old parties that libertarian ideas are popular. Remember, all politicians can count. If the party leaders see that there is a solid block of libertarian votes, they’ll stop putting as much pressure on their “libertarian-leaning” party members to vote the big government line.

The Libertarian Party has 786 candidates running across the country this election. Seven-hundred and eighty-six of your fellow Americans who have taken time out of their lives to fight for your freedom. They deserve your thanks and they deserve your vote.